23 Nov 2010

Samoa film maker urges rethink of criticism

4:17 pm on 23 November 2010

A Samoan film maker says viewers should wait for the sequel to a movie causing controversy in Samoa before jumping to conclusions it's about suicide.

Tanupo Aukuso says his first feature film, Tautoga Gausia or Broken Promise, is the first film shot in Samoa, acted by Samoans and in the Samoan language.

The suicide prevention group Fa'ataua le Ola or Value Life says the film glorifies suicide and wants to see it banned after receiving complaints to its call centre.

But Mr Aukuso says while the first part of the love story touches on religion it does not depict suicide and there's been a mixed reaction from viewers.

"Some people see it that way some people don't. And the film was actually censored by the Samoa Censorship Board and they've given it a G classification because they don't believe there is a suicide issue in this whole movie at all."

Tanupo Aukuso says filming of the sequel starts next week to be released at the end of January.