23 Nov 2010

Anti-suicide group wants Samoan film banned

2:30 pm on 23 November 2010

An anti-suicide activist in Samoa is taking her case against the Samoan movie Tautoga Gausia or Broken Promise to the prime minister today.

Runa Pavitt-Curry of the suicide prevention group Fa'ataua le Ola or Value Life says the film glorifies suicide and she'd like to see it banned.

She says her group's worked to halve Samoa's suicide rate which was the highest in the Pacific and the third highest in the world when its 24 hour centre was opened in 2000.

She says the centre's been fielding calls from worried parents.

"Most of the mothers were angry and said what are we doing about the film. They're worried because at this time of the year the children have a lot of things on their mind especially with the end of year exam results and they say for the safety of their children they should do something about the film because this is their prediction, that children might copycat."

Runa Pavitt-Curry says while the producer hasn't depicted the act of suicide, many viewers have taken that message from the film.