22 Nov 2010

Women in PNG lobby for debate on reserved seats legislation this week

7:31 pm on 22 November 2010

A Papua New Guinea academic says if there were more women in the country's parliament it would change the nature of the body.

There are hopes that PNG MPs will tomorrow consider legislation to create reserved seats in parliament for women.

PNG has just one woman MP and has had just four since independence 35 years ago.

Academic, Dr Orovu Sepoe, who was involved with developing the legislation, says women have been shut out by cultural factors.

She says more women in parliament would improve it.

"Because you have a different perspective, you know, from women who'd be there in greater numbers. And there'd be issues that they will address that have never been, sort of, taken seriously. So from that perspective I would say yes because women's priorities are not always the same as mens."