22 Nov 2010

Lawsuit filed to stop firing range in ancient part of Guam

5:53 am on 22 November 2010

Opponents of plans for a Marine firing range in Guam's Pagat area have filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Defence in a Hawaii federal court.

The suit has been filed by Guam Preservation Trust, National Preservation Trust, two groups that advocate for preservation of historical places and buildings; and protest group We Are Guahan.

The lawsuit calls for a federal judge to stop any plans to build the proposed firing range along Route 15 near the ancient Pagat Village site.

The lead attorney for the group, Nick Yost, says a scheduling conference has been set for February 14.

The proposed firing range has become one of the most controversial aspects of the military buildup, which would bring 41,000 people, including 5,163 Marines, from bases in Japan to Guam by 2016.

Mr Yost says the most desirable result would be that the Defence Department would see the error of their ways and they decide to put the firing range somewhere else.