17 Nov 2010

Tahiti budget debate not expected until December

10:14 am on 17 November 2010

French Polynesia's assembly is not expected to begin debating the 2011 budget until December.

According to Tahitipresse, the budget proposal has not been included on the agenda of tomorrow's meeting as it can only go to the full assembly four days after it has been reviewed by the finance commission.

The news agency says the proposal by President Gaston Tong Sang was finalised at the end of last week just ahead of Monday's deadline.

His coalition is expected to struggle to get it passed because it has the backing of only a quarter of the assembly members.

At the same time, the opposition has been signalling that it may lodge a no confidence motion to oust Mr Tong Sang.

If the assembly fails to pass the budget by the end of the year, the running of the finances will be taken over by the French high commissioner.