15 Nov 2010

Academic says China not likely to want security relationship with Fiji

7:39 pm on 15 November 2010

A specialist in Fiji-China relations says the appointment of Fiji's new ambassador to China may be a signal the interim regime wants a strengthened security relationship with China.

Former Police Commissioner Esala Teleni will replace Sir James Ah Koy, who's due to return from Beijing at the end of the month.

Fiji's interim government mentioned Commodore Teleni's extensive security background when making the announcement and a political scientist at Auckland University, Dr Jian Yang says it appears Fiji's sending a signal to other countries.

"But I don't think Beijing itself has such a strong interest in strengthening military or security relationship with Fiji but if that is Fiji's interest then China might somehow accommodate as a way to strengthen the relationship with Fiji."

Political scientist Dr Jian Yang