15 Nov 2010

American Samoa renewable energy options explored

2:57 pm on 15 November 2010

A five-member team from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado in the United States has been evaluating the best renewable energy options for American Samoa.

A spokesperson for the group, Misty Conrad, said their mission is to find out what can be done within homes, offices and business to bring energy costs down.

They also want to draw up a long-term plan for meeting the territory's energy needs.

She said this is necessary because fossil fuels will become less accessible and unaffordable:

"It's important for this community, as well as many communities around the entire world, to look at what are the other alternatives so we aren't having to pay more and more for energy here and also maybe what are some of the behaviour changes, we kind of make those changes amongst ourselves."

A spokesperson for the US National Renewable Energy laboratory, Misty Conrad