15 Nov 2010

New Guam governor to stand firm on opposing more US control of island

4:49 pm on 15 November 2010

Guam's Republican governor-elect says he'll work with the Democratic majority in the legislature to ensure the people prosper rather than flounder as the US military builds up its presence on the island.

Eddie Calvo says issues around the impending military expansion are the main priority area for his government.

The new governor says it is vital for local lawmakers to work together on build-up-related matters.

He says he will use every opportunity to address widespread concern in Guam over the social and environmental impact of the build-up.

"We will be forceful in our discussions. And it's important to establish mutual respect between the people of Guam where this burden has been placed in regards to the strategic defence of the United States and its allies. There must be that mutual respect in the issues that are affecting our people."

Guam's governor-elect, Eddie Calvo