15 Nov 2010

French Polynesia's opposition pro-independence party speaks of no confidence motion

7:48 am on 15 November 2010

French Polynesia's opposition pro-independence Tavini Huiraatira Party says conditions set by France make it necessary to lodge a no confidence motion to oust the government of Gaston Tong Sang.

The party issued a statement, saying the absurd needs to be urgently countered with the absurd to end the political instability.

It says France has told the territory to pass the budget or local financial matters will be taken over by the French high commission.

And it goes on to say that once a budget is adopted, Paris will no longer see a need to call early elections to end the political instability.

The party claims that with the shift of power from the Atlantic to the Pacific, France wants to bring Tahiti's political class to its knees to be able to maintain the colonisation.

Within the next months, Paris plans to change French Polynesia's electoral system for the third time since 2007 to end the political instability where the ruling To Tatou Aia party has the backing of only a quarter of the assembly members.

The Tavini says the president has to be voted out before the planned reform make such an undertaking much more difficult.