15 Nov 2010

Calls for Tonga's pro democracy groups to reach a broad agreement before elections

7:47 am on 15 November 2010

A political party leader in Tonga is calling for pro democracy groups to reach a broad agreement now that they'll work together after next week's election.

The Tonga Labour Party's, Mele Amanaki, says the parties need to sign a memorandum of understanding ahead of the poll to ensure there is a counter to the block of nine nobles in the new 26 member assembly.

For the first time, the MPs will elect the Prime Minister and Ms Amanaki says the nobles' group could well hold the most sway in such a pivotal vote if the popularly elected MPs aren't better organised.

"People that have worked for the reforms, to come together before the election and talk about forming a coalition, designing the terms of reference and conditions and agreement [for] as soon as the election is finished."