11 Nov 2010

Fiji Commerce Commission tweaks price edict

4:30 pm on 11 November 2010

The Commerce Commission in Fiji has adjusted the price reductions it had previously announced on some basic household items from an average of 13 percent to 9 percent.

That comes after some shopkeepers removed stock from shelves, claiming they would be selling at a loss at the new prices.

That prompted the Commerce Commission to review its price reduction order.

It now says it's made the adjustments after analysing additional submissions made by retailers this week.

The Commission's chairman Mahendra Reddy says it has removed high end items from the list which were targetting a different category of consumers, and some items which would have equivalent substitutes for shoppers.

He says the new price determination is effective from tomorrow.

He says officers will be on the ground to ensure the price reductions are fully complied with.