11 Nov 2010

Cook Islands polls suggest significant public disquiet over election

1:40 pm on 11 November 2010

Polls conducted in the Cook Islands this week suggest many people are unhappy with the candidates standing in next week's general election.

Two polls conducted by the Pitt Media Group show that a third of those surveyed don't want any of the available candidates as a new prime minister and half don't know which party to vote for.

The editor of the Cook Islands Herald, the paper that published the results, says the polls were run on Monday with 100 respondents from around Rarotonga answering calls made at random.

Charles Pitt says those who were undecided about who to vote for were mainly younger people.

"But of the political parties, that's the democratic party, the Cook Islands party and the Independents, the people supporting that, the figures were roughly the same. We think they are mainly the staunch supporters, these are the ones who will support the party in any case. But what is surprising is that big undecided vote."

The editor of the Cook Islands Herald, Charles Pitt.