11 Nov 2010

Vanuatu new political party seeks to install 'good' leaders

2:18 pm on 11 November 2010

The leader of a new political party in Vanuatu says one of its priorities is to address widespread dissatisfaction with the country's political class.

Ralph Regenvanu says the Land and Justice Party he's launching later today is a platform for the vision and policies that he's been putting forward as an independent MP allied with Government.

He says many people feel that those are not being promoted by any other political party.

"There's a number of objectives but one of the main ones is to try and put good leaders into parliament and into politics at all levels. And by that I mean leaders who are prepared to put the public interest first, who are prepared to walk the talk that they talk about. So there's a lot of dissatisfaction, I think, as there is in many countries with the political class we have."

Ralph Regenvanu says another of his new party's priorities is to protect customary land ownership while exploring how to fit foreign investment into the present system.