10 Nov 2010

NZ Law Society invited to check out Fiji situation

1:27 pm on 10 November 2010

Fiji's Solicitor-General, Christopher Pryde, has invited the New Zealand Law Society President to Fiji to observe how the law is being applied in the country.

Jonathan Temm has been invited to attend the 12th annual Fiji Attorney-General's Conference next month.

Christine Gounder reports.

"The invitation from Christopher Pryde follows concerns expressed by the New Zealand Law Society in August about the impact of various events on the rule of law in Fiji. One of those events is the deregistration of the Fiji Law Society by the interim government. The deregistration means the Law Society no longer has the power to issue practising licences to lawyers and membership of the organisation is voluntary. The Attorney-General's conference in December is normally attended by members of the Fiji judiciary and legal profession, diplomats and policy-makers. Mr Temm will have the opportunity to exchange views with Fiji's Attorney-General and members of the legal profession."