8 Nov 2010

AIDS council in PNG welcomes news that archaic sex laws to be reviewed

4:34 pm on 8 November 2010

The National Aids Council Secretariat in Papua New Guinea has welcomed news that the country's sex laws will be reviewed.

The minister for Community Development, Dame Carol Kidu, has asked the Law Review Commission to review the sex laws, with a possibility of prostitution and homosexuality being legalised.

The director of the Aids Council Secretariat, Wep Kanawi, says the current laws are archaic and stop sex workers from getting help.

"It becomes prohibitive for transgenders and for female and male sex workers and for people who are in the minority groupings, for them to actually come out and receive the same level of assistance and help that is now being provided to other normal HIV and AIDs services."

Wep Kanawi says 38,000 people have tested positive for HIV but suspects the number is higher.