8 Nov 2010

Tonga law officials to use Law Week to stress need for good governance

1:53 pm on 8 November 2010

As Tonga's elections draw closer the Ministry of Justice is stressing the importance of good governance.

In just over two weeks Tongans will get to vote for most of the MPs for the first time and law officials want them to exercise their choices wisely.

Good governance is the theme of this week's Law Week.

Solicitor General, Aminiasi Kefu, says they'll be stressing to candidates the need to back the principles of good governance and for voters to choose as MPs those willing to make such a commitment.

He says they'll also be encouraging voters to use their power wisely to ensure the most capable people end up running the country.

"Rather than picking people because they are related, because they like that person because they gave donations to the church or their kava clubs or things like that, because it's very important that we pick the very best people."