6 Nov 2010

Guam's Election Commission Board seek a recount of election votes

6:26 am on 6 November 2010

A recount will take place today for the close race for Guam's next governor.

Pacific Daily News reports the decision was made last night by a unanimous Guam Election Commission Board vote.

Republicans Senator Eddie Calvo and Senator Ray Tenorio defeated Democrats former Governor Carl Gutierrez and Senator Frank Aguon Junior by 583 votes in Tuesday's General Election.

But the election results will not be certified unless today's recount confirms the victor.

Commission board members want the recount to allow them to scrutinize unusual ballots, which could have been tallied incorrectly in the original count.

Meanwhile, the results in the race for the island's delegate to the US Congress, in which Madeleine Bordallo is running unopposed, will be certified later, after military absentee ballots are given enough time to reach Guam.