5 Nov 2010

CNMI's Sablan confident of co-operation with governor

4:14 pm on 5 November 2010

The Northern Marianas' re-elected congressman says he can work with the governor who campaigned against him.

The incumbent Gregorio Sablan won the race to be the Commonwealth's non-voting delegate to the US Congress in a landslide over his closest rival, Joseph Camacho of the Covenant Party.

The Governor Benigno Fitial, who founded the Covenant Party, campaigned for Mr Camacho.

But Mr Sablan says that doesn't prevent them from having a working relationship.

"My priority is the Northern Mariana Islands and where the Governor and I agree on something we need to do for the Commonwealth I have no problem working with him or with anybody, whether it's someone here in our Government or someone in the Federal Government. I need to work with them, so long as it serves the better interests of the Northern Mariana Islands. If it's something that serves special interests then I'm not interested."

Gregorio Sablan says he stood on his record and the people must have wanted what he had to offer.