5 Nov 2010

Transport central concern of Tokelau fono

4:13 pm on 5 November 2010

Upgrading the Samoan charter vessel, the MV Lady Naomi, has been a focus of a General Fono in Tokelau this week.

Delegates from Tokelau and New Zealand discussed how best to proceed with developing Tokelau's transport, renewable energy and infrastructure projects.

The Minister of Health in Tokelau, Pio Tuia, says one of the key suggestions was for repairs and renovations to be made on the ship, the MV Lady Naomi.

"The improvements need to be done to the ship because now it is very inconvenient, you know, in the place where the passengers are sleeping. Even inside, the air-conditioning is not working properly. Looking also at the area where they do our unloading on our vessel, it's very, very dangerous because it's very close to the end."

Pio Tuia says Tokelau is also considering selling the MV Tokelau, which it believes is too old.