4 Nov 2010

Marijuana legalisation bill in the CNMI passed by House

7:39 pm on 4 November 2010

A bill legalising, regulating, and taxing marijuana use for medicinal and other purposes in the Northern Marianas passed the House of Representatives, adding to a list of revenue-generating bills pending in the 17th Legislature.

The bill allows people at least 21 years old to possess, cultivate, or transport marijuana for personal use.

It also permits the regulation and taxation of the commercial production and sale of marijuana to people at least 21 years old.

The bill, however, prohibits possession of marijuana on school grounds and prohibits its use in the presence of minors.

In a cost-benefit analysis, the House Committee on Natural Resources said the enactment of the bill into law will possibly result in the loss of federal funds but will generate funds through taxation.

Public Health Secretary Joseph Kevin Villagomez earlier said the CNMI Department of Public Health may lose over 10 million US dollars in federal grants should the marijuana legalization bill become law.