4 Nov 2010

Clinton uses visit to emphasise dangers of PNG's resource wealth

2:05 pm on 4 November 2010

The US Secretary of State used her four-hour visit to Papua New Guinea yesterday to issue a warning about the importance of proper government handling of the country's resource wealth.

Hillary Clinton stopped in Port Moresby last night for meetings with the Governor General, women's advocates as well as the Prime Minister and selected Cabinet Ministers.

In an ABC recording of her meeting with Sir Michael Somare, Mrs Clinton spoke of the resource curse that's afflicted other countries.

"Like oil and gas or gold or minerals. I will not name names but there are countries in the world that started with the same hopes as Papua New Guinea, with all of the excitement that I know is in this country because of the resources that were discovered, but they weren't handled right so 20, 30 or 40 years later, people have actually gotten poorer."

Hillary Clinton says that won't happen in PNG because she knows the government and the people will manage the resources in the right way.