2 Nov 2010

Fiji prosecutors rejig charges against Jalal and Tusolia

4:25 pm on 2 November 2010

Fiji's public prosecutors are pursuing charges over restaurant licenses involving a prominent human rights lawyer Imrana Jalal and her husband Ratu Sakiusa Tusolia.

Ratu Sakiusa, who is the former chief executive of Airports Fiji, has just been cleared on charges of fraud relating to his former employment.

But he says prosecutors are to appeal an earlier stay on charges over a restaurant license and are also re-charging the company, after first charging them as directors.

Ratu Sakiusa says the legal moves appear to be driven by personal agendas:

"They're not legitimate cases, even with the AFL case, that was wrong from the start, it should not have been pursued because there is really no case, there was no issue. We tried explaining that to the authorities at the time, but they had a hidden agenda and went ahead and charged and then it had to take me four years in a court of law to prove that those charges were not substantiated and were baseless and untrue."

Ratu Sakiusa estimates that state has spent more than half a million US dollars in work hours on his airports case alone, while he has had to spend considerable amounts of money on his defence.