2 Nov 2010

Nauru parliament ratifies budget in 'jovial' sitting

12:45 pm on 2 November 2010

The freshly convened parliament in Nauru has ratified the country's budget in a late night sitting following months of stalemate and emergency regulations.

Legislators were forced to ratify the budget, enacted under the State of Emergency at the beginning of July, to plug a gap opened up by yesterday's lifting of emergency rule.

A spokesman for the government, Rod Henshaw, says opposition MP's wanted questions answered over port redevelopment but generally there was relief and goodwill among legislators.

"There was very little personal invective going across the chamber which is quite a change from recent experiences . But I think the whole thing was it had gone its course and it was time now to move on in the interests of the country and that was the mood that seemed to prevail yesterday. Towards the end of the night it was one of even joviality."

Nauru government spokesman Rod Henshaw.