1 Nov 2010

Nauru deadlock ends as Scotty accepts speaker's position

4:11 pm on 1 November 2010

The parliamentary deadlock in Nauru finally came to an end this morning when a former president, Ludwig Scotty accepted the nomination as Speaker.

The development gives the government the majority it has sought since the stalemate began in February.

Marcus Stephen has now been re-elected president defeating newcomer Milton Dube 11 to 6 in a secret ballot.

Mr Stephen says it's a great day for Nauru and the first duty he will perform is to remove the State of Emergency provisions.

A spokesperson for the government and president, Rod Henshaw says two factors have resolved the deadlock

"The court case which challenged the state of emergency. The Supreme Court judge, Judge von Doussa in that case he ruled in favour of the government on all seven questions so that took the wind out of the sails of the opposition. Then there has been some adverse media publicity which has been hitting at the opposition over their dealings with one of the phosphate clients of Nauru."

Rod Henshaw says parliament may now pass a budget for this financial year this afternoon