1 Nov 2010

Tuvalu's Dot-TV domain code likely to drop in value, says consultant

6:07 am on 1 November 2010

An internet consultant says he expects the value of Tuvalu's domain code dot-TV to diminish with the emergence of more generic domain names.

Tuvalu's government is trying to negotiate a greater share of revenue from the company to whom it leases control of Dot-TV, Verisign.

VeriSign pays Tuvalu around three million US dollars a year in a deal due to expire in 2016.

But Keith Davidson, an global consultant for Internet NZ, says there are a number of new top-level domains emerging which could reduce the value of Dot-TV names.

"Perhaps the argument might be to open up the registry at a fixed lower cost and go for a considerably larger number of domain names rather than fewer names at premium prices. Certainly, going forward with the new top level domains coming, it's hard to see sensible debate around the concept of premium priced names."