26 Oct 2010

PNG top cop charged with corruption

4:09 pm on 26 October 2010

Within a week or so of Papua New Guinea's Police Chief ordering his officers back from VIP protection duty and private security work, a senior officer has been charged with two counts of corruption.

The deputy head of police operations in National Capital District, Andy Bawa, is said to have been receiving a double salary since January 2008 - one from the police force and another from another government agency.

Another 10 senior officers are likely to face similar charges.

A police spokesman, Dominic Kakas says the practice of so -called "double dipping" isn't a result of poor pay:

"We seen two pay increases since 2004 putting us now as the most highly paid public servants in Papua New Guinea."

Mr Kakas says people have taken on extra work through greed and the force needs these officers spending their time serving the people of PNG