26 Oct 2010

Chile deal unlikely to thwart Rapa Nui land quest

2:38 pm on 26 October 2010

An expert on Pacific Island independence movements says Chile's 270 million US dollar investment package and plans for more autonomy for Rapa Nui will not appease those islanders calling for land return and self-determination.

The Chilean government has announced a massive boost to infrastructure and changes to local government on its remote territory also known as Easter Island.

The announcement follows on-going protests by some Rapa Nui clans, protesting for the return of ancestral land.

But Hawaii-based academic Lorenz Gonschor says Chile's plans for more local autonomy are window-dressing.

"As a political organisation, Rapa Nui Parliament which demands the return of all lands and the right of self-determination for the island. These demands will certainly not be given up just because of that investment package."

Hawaii-based academic Lorenz Gonschor.