25 Oct 2010

Fiji police seize US$2m worth of marijuana

3:23 pm on 25 October 2010

The police in Fiji say they have uplifted more than two million US dollars worth of marijuana as part of an operation in the highlands of Viti Levu.

They say more than 800 marijuana plants have been uplifted in the region of Navosa during Operation Red, which began two weeks ago.

A police spokesperson Atunaisa Sokomuri says one marijuana grower has appeared in court on a cultivation charge, while another is in police custody and four more are on the run.

He says they are coming down hard on growers because it is harvest time

"Well there seems to have been an upsurge in the marijuana discovered in the streets in the urban areas, it's a sign that the farmers are harvesting. More marijuana is seen in the streets that means the farmers are working overtime up in the mountains."

Inspector Sokomuri says 11,000 marijuana plants have been uplifted in the past year in Fiji, aside from the latest operation.

He says the drug contributes to social problems and criminal activities, which affect families.