25 Oct 2010

French Polynesia majority opposition to reform queried

2:16 pm on 25 October 2010

A six-member group in French Polynesia's assembly says it wonders why the three main parties jointly rejected the latest French government proposal for electoral reforms to end the territory's political instability.

In a statement, the Ia Ora Te Fenua group questions if the three want to end the political instability or pursue their sterile political games that led to the economic set-back being seen now.

It says the reforms need to strengthen the institutions and reduce their costs by cutting the size of the government and assembly.

The three parties object to plans that would increase the political representation of the Society Islands which would get a separate electoral system.

Ia Ora Te Fenua says an increased number of outer island assembly members has not contributed to economic development.

What it needed, it says, is another type of behaviour by the elected MPs and an end to the personal political games.