23 Oct 2010

16-hour work cuts in CNMI govt staff to exclude doctors, police officers-for now

9:48 am on 23 October 2010

Critical service personnel in the fields of public safety and health care are, for now, exempted from the 16-hour work cuts for civil servants in the CNMI.

Besides the 16-hour cuts, employees will also be subjected to 13 unpaid holidays to help cap government spending at 132 million US dollars.

The administration of Benigno Fitial had earlier said critical service positions may also receive 16-hour cuts per pay period because the new budget law does not specifically exempt them from the cuts.

However, Lawmakers said it would be to the public's benefit if critical service positions are not included in the list, of those who will receive work and pay cuts.

The government, however, did not clarify if personnel from the Public School System and Northern Marianas College will also be spared from the 16-hour cut.