22 Oct 2010

French Polynesia's leaders issue a joint declaration reject Paris's reform package

7:13 am on 22 October 2010

The three main parties in French Polynesia have issued a joint declaration to reject the electoral reform proposal put to them by Paris.

They want the assembly president to send the letter to the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Walter Zweifel reports.

"The three parties object to the proposal, presented last weekend, that the territory be given two electoral systems - one for the Society Islands and one for the other four archipelagos. They say just like France itself, Polynesia wants to keep its territorial integrity. They also say that there will be no more political stability if - as proposed - 60 percent of the assembly votes are needed to oust a goverment. They say all it takes is for a simple majority to block legislation, which would eventually lead to a shut-down of all institutions and Paris needing to dissolve the assembly to hold fresh elections. The reforms are expected to before the French cabinet this year, with the legislature voting on them early next year."