21 Oct 2010

Call to curb Fiji police brutality

2:49 pm on 21 October 2010

A women's group in Fiji says it would like police officers to be educated about new laws to reduce the incidence of alleged police brutality.

Police are inviting a variety of civil society groups, NGOs, businesses and others to gauge opinions on how the police could better serve the community.

Penny Moore from the Women's Action for Change group says they work closely with the police in regards to marginalised people and sex workers.

She says she welcomes the opportunity to give their feedback on how police could do their job better.

"One of the biggest changes we'd like to see with the police is non-violent behaviour. Police are inclined to beat people up in order to get statements from them. So, we'd like that to stop immediately. And because we've had all these new decrees, the new crimes decree, there is a real need for the police to be better educated on the new laws."

Penny Moore from the Women's Action for Change group in Fiji.