18 Oct 2010

Papua New Guinea NGO calls Australian mining company unethical

5:08 pm on 18 October 2010

An Australian listed company is being targetted by a Papua New Guinea NGO over its involvement in the controversial Ramu nickel mine.

The mine development has been delayed for several months as landowning groups have sought legal action over the developers' plans to dump tailings waste into Basamuk Bay.

Highlands Pacific is part of the consortium involved in developing Ramu, and the programme manager of Act Now, Effrey Dademo, says such dumping would not be allowed in Australia.

She says the company is also being targetted for failing to condemn the intimidation of local landowners who have spoken out about the tailings dumping plan.

Ms Dademo says Highlands Pacific claims to be a socially responsible company with high ethical standards but these are not being applied at Ramu.