18 Oct 2010

Indonesian security forces accused of torture of Papuans after YouTube posting

10:16 am on 18 October 2010

The Indonesian security forces are being accused of torture after a video was posted on YouTube showing two Papuan men

being abused.

The footage shows a smouldering stick being applied to one man's genitals as he is being questioned over the whereabouts of an arms cache.

The video has come to light as the Indonesian government faces continuing criticism about abuses by its security forces in Papua.

A report in the Sydney Morning Herald says the video appears to have been taken with a mobile phone by one of the

interrogators, who speak Indonesian with Javanese and Ambonese accents.

The paper says it is impossible to verify those in the video are members of the security services.

But it says the nature of the interrogation suggests professionals are at work.

The victims speak in the Papuan dialect Lani, strongly suggesting the video was filmed in Puncak Jaya

The paper was unable to obtain a response from the Indonesian military or police.