15 Oct 2010

Fiji village tightens dress code

1:51 pm on 15 October 2010

A village by-law in Fiji's Northern Division has banned women from wearing T-shirts in the village, and also instructed them to wear long sulus.

The women of Nabukadogo in Macuata have also been instructed to wear sulu-i-ra at all times whether inside the home or outside, while children have been placed on a 6pm curfew.

The Fiji Times reports the headman Peni Vusoni as saying the by-law was discussed at a meeting two weeks ago when the villagers agreed to the changes.

He says to ensure the by-law is upheld, the village has appointed 10 wardens who will work day and night.

Mr Vusoni says respect for the village must be reinforced and that the by-laws have brought about good changes in the past two weeks

He said kava sessions in the village would now end by 11pm, after which all villagers must remain indoors.