13 Oct 2010

Kiribati to host climate change discussions next month

8:16 pm on 13 October 2010

The Kiribati Government, which next month hosts climate specialists for a preliminary meeting ahead of the COP 16 summit in Mexico, says maintaining the status quo on climate change negotiations is not an option.

At the meetings in Tarawa on the 9th and 10th of November selected representatives from within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change are being brought together.

Called the Tarawa Climate Change Conference it aims to help develop positions ahead of the Cancun meeting.

During last month's UN General Assembly meeting, Kiribati's President, Anote Tong, called climate change a defining challenge of today's era.

He says there is a need to share the solution and to act as one in Mexico.

Meanwhile, the secretary to the President's office, Tangitang Kaureata says progress is required on the ground to address the impacts already being felt and which are expected to worsen with time.

He points to the agreement reached in Copenhagen last year on the

adaptation fast start fund, but which Kiribati and other frontline nations still can't access.