13 Oct 2010

High-tech piracy on the rise off Papua New Guinea's New Ireland

8:20 pm on 13 October 2010

The police in the Papua New Guinea province of New Ireland say piracy on their seas is a growing problem.

The acting police commander, Chief Inspector John Duadak, says about five incidents of piracy occur every week but the police lack the resources to pursue the perpetrators.

He says the police have one dinghy with a 75 horsepower motor whereas the pirates are well-equipped.

"They're using the latest technology such as GPS, digital phones and mobile phones. Also they have these very fast boats, faster than the police. A classical example is one just lately with a 60 horsepower, both 60 horspeowers stolen and put into one dinghy and that adds up to 120 horsepower."

Chief Inspector John Duadak says aside from new boats the New Ireland police urgently need basic equipment such as life jackets and binoculars.