13 Oct 2010

Solomons women welcome new policy direction

2:38 pm on 13 October 2010

A Solomon Islands women's group says there are positive signs in the new government's policy document which includes the provision of women's seats in parliament.

The coalition's framework document says further boundary divisions will be carried out to enhance representative democracy, including the provision of several seats for women to reach a maximum of 70 constituencies.

No woman candidate was successful in this year's election, after a proposal to establish temporary seats for women failed to make it past the last government's caucus.

But the director of Vois Blong Mere Solomon, Josephine Teakeni, says the new policy document is a good indication

"I think we need to go back to the new government and follow through the same process we had with the last government to explain what the concept is all about and then they will decide. But having it down in a policy like this, to me it means that they are thinking about doing something."

Josephine Teakeni, who is also a member of the Women in Shared Decision Making committee, which lobbies for women's representation