12 Oct 2010

Doubt about Solomons coalition backing electoral reform

4:17 pm on 12 October 2010

An opposition politician in Solomon Islands says he doubts that everyone within the new coalition government is committed to electoral reform.

In its policy document, the government proposes to review voter registration, weed out corruption and introduce a political parties bill.

The deputy leader of the Solomon Islands Democratic Party, Matthew Wale, says some of its policies are borrowed from the last government.

But he doubts whether some coalition MPs, who failed to back the political parties registration and administration bill when it came before the last parliament, will support it now.

"This government is mostly made up of individuals and the parties that are involved are very small ones. The Prime Minister himself has a very small party, he is a very lonely man in there. Of course we would support him if he had sensible proposals but we doubt, the government as a group together, share the same strength of conviction about these reforms."

Matthew Wale says there's little incentive for some in the coalition to strengthen political parties as they just use them as a platform to gain power.