12 Oct 2010

Fiji sugar workers union denies sabotage of any kind

11:11 am on 12 October 2010

The head of Fiji's sugar workers union says management is trying to deflect blame for mill inefficiencies onto workers.

Soldiers have been deployed at three mills because the interim government suspects sabotage, which, it says, is affecting the efficiency of the mills.

But the head of the sugar workers union, Felix Anthony, denies there's any kind of sabotage.

"Management is attempting to push the blame for the non-performance of the mills onto the workers, and that is absolutely nonsense. The fact is that the mill has undergone an upgrading programme, and the fact is that the wool remains incomplete. The workers want to see the mills operate efficiently and they would not do anything that would jeopardise their livelihood."

Felix Anthony says there's clearly problems at the FSC, but the government needs to take some responsibility for that, as it keeps interfering in the sector.