7 Oct 2010

American Samoa signs new deal with major tuna supplier

10:49 am on 7 October 2010

The American Samoa government and one of the world's largest tuna suppliers, Tri Marine International, have signed a deal which will see Tri Marine takeover a closed plant.

The documents signed in Hawaii yesterday have transferred ownership of the closed Chicken of the Sea tuna packing plant, to Tri Marine International.

At the same signing ceremony, the American Samoa Government terminated its lease of the Chicken of the Sea plant and signed a new lease with Tri marine International.

The Chairman of the Tri marine group, Renato Curto, says the company's long term plan is to produce tuna of very high quality, which it intends to bring to the US market.

"One thing we one to make sure people understand in American Samoa is that this is not happening in a few days, it's a long process and we have to redesign the plant and we will get where we want to get little by little."

The Chairman of the Tri marine group, Renato Curto.