6 Oct 2010

Push to curb fossil fuel use

3:37 pm on 6 October 2010

A meeting on the growing demand for energy in the Pacific has concluded that Pacific Island states are spending too much money on fossil fuels which could be directed into renewable energy.

The three-day meeting involved law makers from at least 11 countries across the Pacific and was hosted in Fiji at the weekend by the Climate Parliament.

A Programme Officer for the Climate Parliament Susana Guerreiro says delegates have agreed more money should be invested in renewable energy.

But she says one of the challenges is to secure enough funding.

"There is financing around, there are agencies able to finance projects in renewable energy. I think the issue is how you can coordinate yourself at a national level to tap into these sources of financing."

Susana Guerreiro says all countries left the meeting aware of the options available in terms of renewable sources they can tap into.