6 Oct 2010

Catholic nun in Tonga welcomes inclusion in a newspaper for women

11:04 am on 6 October 2010

A Catholic nun in Tonga says she was surprised but delighted to be featured in the first edition of a new newspaper targeting women in Tonga.

Sister Kaeiti Ann Kanongata'a says the 'Faite' newspaper aims to inspire and empower women from all walks of life, which will then have an impact on families.

She says while she's involved in building a church school and retreat for women and families in need on Tongatapu, she never expected her story to be published.

"Otherwise I would never go on media or newspaper. But then they came and discovered me in the bush and the project that I'm doing, and as a woman doing it, I think it helped with their newspaper."

Sister Kaeiti Ann Kanongata'a says this facility is being built on 16 acres of bush complete with garden and facilities for women, families and youth.