5 Oct 2010

Indonesian police kill Papua traditional council member in Wamena shooting

8:45 pm on 5 October 2010

Police in Indonesia's Papua region have reportedly killed a member of the Papua traditional council and seriously injured two others during a shooting in Wamena.

The three council members had gone to the Police security unit near Wamena airport to demand the return of money and property confiscated from one of them by police earlier in the day.

Amos Wetipo had arrived at the airport from Jayapura carrying hundreds of new uniforms intended for members of the Lapago Papua Land Guard, a unarmed team of community security guards.

Police questioned him on suspicion of carrying instruments of Papuan separatism, confiscating his luggage and US$3000 in cash.

After Mr Wetipo later went to the police unit, a fracas ensued and the officers opened fire, killing 34-year old Ismail Lokobal and leaving two others in critical condition.

The Institute of Papuan Advocacy and Human Rights says at least four Papuans were arrested.