1 Oct 2010

Same termite infests Labasa and Lautoka

10:52 am on 1 October 2010

The head of Fiji's termite taskforce, Operation Kadivuka, says a new outbreak in Labasa is by the same insect that's been attacking buildings and trees in Lautoka.

Lemeki Ratucicivi says so far it's cost the interim government more than two and a half million US dollars to try and control the termites using a chemical dust.

He says a new taskforce in the Northern Division will have a budget of almost 32,000 US dollars to deal with the Labasa infestation.

Mr Ratucicivi says Labasa people are being advised not to disturb the termites because when they fly away they create new colonies.

"If they do find termites inside their house all they have to do is to inform this newly-formed taskforce and they will go over and have the place surveyed and inspected and if it's confirmed that it's of the same species then they will apply this dust."

Lemeki Ratucicivi says a fungal biological control that scientists hoped would eradicate the termites won't work in Fiji.