30 Sep 2010

Fiji interim government suspects foul play in sugar mill breakdowns

1:30 pm on 30 September 2010

Fiji's permanent secretary for sugar says the interim government has suspicions over a series of breakdowns at sugar mills.

Manasa Vaniqi says in the past few weeks, mill boilers in Rarawai, Labasa and Lautoka have broken down.

Mr Vaniqi says the breakdowns are too common to be a consequence of old machinery and a full report will determine whether sabotage is responsible.

"We are not blaming anyone but based on the reports that we have been receiving there seems to be a consistent breakdown on that particular area of the boiler. And people are not fixing it. And we are going down to the bottom of that one, the investigation is ongoing and we are waiting for the report."

Manasa Vaniqi says it's become clear that with the series of breakdowns a mill engineering upgrade programme that's being conducted is not achieving anything.