30 Sep 2010

Samoa party still confirming list

7:37 am on 30 September 2010

A newspaper editor in Samoa says the Tautua Samoa Party is keeping coy about the names of election candidates it has attracted so far.

The Tautua Samoa Party is hoping to get into government or else form an opposition party.

The Samoa Observer's Mata'afa Keni Lesa says the Tautua Party is still trying to finalise its list, despite some of its potential candidates now showing an interest in standing for the ruling Human Rights Protection Party.

"The Tautua, although they haven't confirmed candidates yet, they've got some interesting candidates that we'll hear about probably in the next few months. I think the guys for example Palusalue and Vaai Papu Vaai, they are people of credibility, they are men of their words. They went through the by elections to get to where they are today. And the fact that they won two out of three by elections called by the government recently does indicate that there is hope."

Samoa's next general election is scheduled for March 2011.