30 Sep 2010

Kiribati calls for binding climate change framework

5:53 am on 30 September 2010

Kiribati's president has called on world leaders to work towards a legally binding framework on climate change at December's summit in Mexico.

Anote Tong was speaking to the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York.

He says last year's Copenhagen meeting failed to meet the expectations of many but especially those countries on the frontline.

Mr Tong says leaders need to modify their approach to negotiations at Mexico.

"I believe that we have a moral obligation to reach agreement on a legally binding framework that regulates our ability to pursue policies that harm others. For very obvious reasons, I do not believe that any country should have sovereignty over its greenhouse gas emissions."

Anote Tong says any alternative to a legally binding framework is simply unacceptable and would have potentially destabilising consequences.