29 Sep 2010

Security risks around LNG call for community leadership, says PNG Police Chief

10:31 am on 29 September 2010

Papua New Guinea's Police Commissioner has appealled for strong leadership in communities involved in the Liquified Natural Gas project to prevent more unrest around the massive development.

This comes after the latest attack on infrastructure for the 16 billion US dollar project, a rampage by villagers in Gulf Province on an ExxonMobil gas site which left vehicles burnt and other equipment destroyed.

It's linked to ongoing disagreements between various landowner groups in LNG sites across the country, often over benefit sharing issues.

Commissioner Gary Baki says he's yet to receive a report about the situation in Gulf as police have no real presence there.

"The issue of security: the people themselves are the security of the project. As long as there is good leadership within the landowner groups that are currently benefitting from the project. We will continue to have contentious issues if they are misled by their own leaders."

Papua New Guinea's Police Commissioner, Gary Baki.