29 Sep 2010

Fijian Holdings Limited achieves a net profit

10:38 am on 29 September 2010

Fijian Holdings Limited achieved a net profit of almost seven million US dollars for the financial year ending June 2010.

The Fiji Times reports FHL managing director, Sereana Qoro, as saying that last year's gains included an extra ordinary profit of 20 million US from the sale of Fosters Group shares and foreign exchange gain.

Sereana Qoro says when comparing June 2010 results with last year, the pre-tax profit from normal business operations indicates a stronger performance in the current year.

She says the group has achieved a revenue growth of 4 per cent for the year while normal pre tax profit has grown by 8 per cent this year."

Mrs Qoro added that the strong performance for the 2010 financial year was largely driven by the finance, retail and the building construction sectors.